• Flow Meter Portable Open Channel Flow Meter

Flow Meter Portable Open Channel Flow Meter

Short Description:

◆The working principle of the open channel weir and groove flowmeter is to set a standard water weir groove in the open channel, so that the flow rate of the water flowing through the weir groove is in a single value relationship with the water level, and the water level is measured according to the specified position, and calculated by the corresponding formula flow.
◆According to the principle, the accuracy of the water flow measured by the flow meter, in addition to the need for a standardized water weir tank on site, the flow rate is only related to the water level height.
◆The accuracy of the water level is the key to the flow detection.
◆We use The liquid level gauge is a high-quality ultrasonic open channel level gauge. This level gauge can meet the needs of on-site measurement in terms of data accuracy and product anti-interference and corrosion resistance.

Product Detail

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1. It is suitable for four basic weir types: triangular weir, rectangular weir, equal-width weir, and Parshall trough;

2. It is equipped with a dedicated mobile terminal data acquisition APP, which can realize remote sharing of measurement data through mobile phones, and can automatically send each measurement data to the mailbox designated by the customer;

3. Positioning function (optional): It supports GPS positioning and Beidou positioning, and can automatically record the geographic location information of each measurement task;

4. High-precision signal acquisition module, 24-bit acquisition accuracy, real and effective measurement data;

5. Large-screen color LCD touch screen, touch operation, key data password protection;

6. The curve shows the change trend of flow rate and the change trend of liquid level;

7. Friendly human-computer interaction interface, combining pictures and texts, the instrument can be operated without professional knowledge;

8. The instrument is equipped with a micro-printer, which can directly print the measurement data on site;

9. It can be connected to the computer, and the measurement data can be output to the computer, which is convenient for users to perform statistical analysis on the data;

10. It can store 10,000 measurement history records;

11. It contains a large-capacity lithium battery, which can continuously measure for 72 hours on a single charge;

12. The built-in intelligent power management system of the flow meter prolongs the service life of the battery;

13. Suitcase design, light weight, convenient for users to carry, waterproof grade IP65.

Technical indicators 

Flow measurement range 0~40m3/S
Frequency of flow measurement 3 times/second
Liquid level measurement error ≤ 0.5mm
Flow measurement error ≤ ±1%
Signal output mode Bluetooth, USB, with dedicated PC software on computer and data acquisition APP on mobile phone
Positioning function (optional) It supports GPS positioning and Beidou positioning, and can automatically record the geographic location information of each measurement task
Printing function It has its own thermal printer, which can print the measured data on site, and can also export the form to the computer for printing
Working environment humidity ≤ 85%
Working environment temperature -10℃~+50℃
Charging power supply AC 220V ±15%
Built-in battery DC 16V lithium battery, battery-powered continuous working time: 72 hours
Dimensions 400mm×300mm×110mm
Weight of the whole machine 2Kg

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