• weather station

weather station

  • Integrated tipping bucket rainfall monitoring station Automatic rainfall station

    Integrated tipping bucket rainfall monitoring station Automatic rainfall station

    The automatic rainfall station integrates high-precision analog quantity acquisition, switch quantity and pulse quantity acquisition. The product technology is excellent, stable and reliable, small in size, and easy to install. It is very suitable for the data collection of rainfall stations and water level stations in hydrological forecasting, flash flood warning, etc., and can meet the data collection and communication function requirements of various rainfall stations and water level stations.

  • Ambient Dust Monitoring System

    Ambient Dust Monitoring System

    ◆The noise and dust monitoring system allows for continuous automatic monitoring.
    ◆Data can be automatically monitored and transmitted unattended.
    ◆It can monitor f dust, PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, TSP, noise and air temperature and humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other environmental factors, as well as the detection data of each detection point is directly uploaded to the monitoring background through wireless communication.
    ◆It is mainly used for urban functional area monitoring, industrial enterprise boundary monitoring, and construction site boundary monitoring.

  • PC-5GF Photovoltaic Environment Monitor

    PC-5GF Photovoltaic Environment Monitor

    PC-5GF The photovoltaic environmental monitor is an environmental monitor with a metal explosion-proof casing that is easy to install, has high measurement accuracy, stable performance, and integrates multiple meteorological elements. This product is developed according to the needs of solar energy resource assessment and solar energy system monitoring, combined with the advanced technology of solar energy observation system at home and abroad.

    In addition to monitoring the basic elements of the environment such as ambient temperature, ambient humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and air pressure, this product can also monitor the necessary solar radiation (horizontal/inclined plane) and component temperature in the photovoltaic power station environmental system. In particular, a highly stable solar radiation sensor is used, which has perfect cosine characteristics, fast response, zero drift and wide temperature response. It is very suitable for radiation monitoring in the solar industry. The two pyranometers can be rotated at any angle. It meets the optical power budget requirements of the photovoltaic industry and is currently the most suitable leading-level portable photovoltaic environment monitor for use in photovoltaic power plants.

  • Portable Handheld Weather Station

    Portable Handheld Weather Station

    ◆ Convenient to carry, easy to operate
    ◆ Integrates five meteorological elements:wind speed, speed direction, air temperature, air humidity, air pressure.
    ◆ The built-in large-capacity FLASH memory chip can store meteorological data for at least one year.
    ◆ Universal USB communication interface.
    ◆ Support custom parameters.

  • Multifunctional Automatic Weather Station

    Multifunctional Automatic Weather Station

    All-in-one weather station

    ◆Weather station is used to measure wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall and other elements.
    Has multiple functions such as meteorological monitoring and data uploading.
    The observation efficiency is improved and the labor intensity of the observers is reduced.
    The system has the characteristics of stable performance, high detection accuracy, unmanned duty, strong anti-interference ability, rich software functions, easy to carry, and strong adaptability.
    Support Custom parameters, accessories, etc.

  • LF-0012 handheld weather station

    LF-0012 handheld weather station

    LF-0012 handheld weather station is a portable meteorological observation instrument that is convenient to carry, easy to operate, and integrates many meteorological elements. The system uses precision sensors and smart chips to accurately measure the five meteorological elements of wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity. The built-in large-capacity FLASH memory chip can store meteorological data for at least one year: universal USB communication interface, using the matching USB cable, you can download the data to the computer, which is convenient for users to further analyze and analyze the meteorological data.

  • Miniature Ultrasonic Integrated Sensor

    Miniature Ultrasonic Integrated Sensor

    Micro ultrasonic 5-parameter sensor is a fully digital detection, high-precision sensor, which is integrated by ultrasonic principle wind speed and direction sensor, high-precision digital temperature, humidity, and air pressure sensor, which can accurately and quickly detect wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric temperature,  atmospheric humidity. and atmospheric pressure, the built-in signal processing unit can output corresponding signals according to user needs, the high-strength structural design can work reliably in harsh weather environments, and can be widely used in meteorology, ocean, environment, airports, ports, laboratories, industry, agriculture and transportation and other fields.

  • Dust and Noise Monitoring Station

    Dust and Noise Monitoring Station

    The noise and dust monitoring system can carry out continuous automatic monitoring of monitoring points in the dust monitoring area of different sound and environmental functional areas. It is a monitoring device with complete functions. It can automatically monitor data in the case of unattended, and can automatically monitor data through GPRS/CDMA mobile public network and dedicated line. network, etc. to transmit data. It is an all-weather outdoor dust monitoring system developed by itself to improve air quality using wireless sensor technology and laser dust testing equipment. In addition to dust monitoring, it can also monitor PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, TSP, noise, and ambient temperature.

  • Small Automatic Weather Station

    Small Automatic Weather Station

    Small weather stations mainly use 2.5M stainless steel brackets, which are light in weight and can be installed only with expansion screws. The selection of small weather station sensors can be configured according to the actual needs of customers on site, and the application is more flexible. The sensors mainly include wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, soil temperature, soil temperature and other sensors produced by our company It can be selected and used in various environmental monitoring occasions.