• Wind Direction Sensor Weather Instrument

Wind Direction Sensor Weather Instrument

Short Description:

WDZ Wind direction sensors (transmitters) adopts high precision magnetic sensitive chip inside , also adopts wind vane with low inertia and light metal to response the wind direction and have good dynamic characteristics. The product have many advances such as great rangegood linearstrong anti-lightingeasy to observestable and reliable. It can be widely used in meteorology, marine, environment, airport, harbor, laboratory, industry and agriculture area.


Product Detail

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Technique Parameter 

Measurement range:0~360°


Staring wind speed:≤0.5m/s

Power supply mode:□ DC 5V

□ DC 12V

□ DC 24V

□ Other

Out-put:  □ Pulse:Pulse signal

□ Current:4~20mA

□ Voltage:0~5V

□ RS232

□ RS485

□ TTL Level: (□frequency

□Pulse width)

□ Other

Instrument line length:□ Standard:2.5m

□ Other

Load capacity:Current mode impedance≤300Ω

Voltage mode impedance ≥1KΩ

Operating environment:Temperature -40℃~50℃


Defend grade:IP45

Cable grade:Nominal voltage:300V

Temperature grade:80℃

Produce weight :210 g

Power dissipation:5.5 mW

Calculation Formula 

Voltage type (0~5V output):

D = 360°×V / 5

( D: indicating value of wind direction,V: output-voltage(V))

Current type ( 4~20mA output ):

D=360°× ( I-4 ) / 16

( D indicating value of wind direction,I: output-current (mA))

Wiring Method                                    

There is three-core aviation plug, whose output is at the base of the sensor. The definition of each pin’s corresponding base pin.图片3

(1)If you have equipped with our company’s weather station,please attach the sensor cable to the appropriate connector on the weather station directly.

(2)If you purchase the sensor separately, the order of the wires are as followed:

R(Red):Power +

Y(Yellow):Signal output

G(Green):Power —

(3)Two ways of wiring method of pulse voltage and current:


(wiring method of voltage and current)


(output of current wiring method)

Structure Dimensions                                   


Transmitter Size                            


Application site


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