• Integrated/split type explosion-proof ultrasonic level gauge

Integrated/split type explosion-proof ultrasonic level gauge

Short Description:

● Safety

● Stable and reliable

● Patented technology

● High precision

● Low failure rate, easy installation, and easy maintenance

● A variety of protection

Product Detail

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● Safety: Die-cast aluminum alloy waterproof and explosion-proof casing; the explosion-proof grade of the instrument reaches Exd(ia)IIBT4;

● Stable and reliable: We choose high-quality modules from the power supply part in circuit design, and select high-stable and reliable devices for the procurement of key components;

● Patented technology: Ultrasonic intelligent technology software can perform intelligent echo analysis without any debugging and other special steps. This technology has the functions of dynamic thinking and dynamic analysis;

● High precision: The ultrasonic level gauge has high precision, and the liquefaction precision reaches 0.3%, which can resist various interference waves;

● Low failure rate, easy installation, and easy maintenance: This instrument is a non-contact instrument that does not directly contact the liquid, so the failure rate is low. The instrument provides a variety of installation methods, and the user can completely calibrate the instrument through the user manual;

● A variety of protection: The protection level of the instrument reaches IP65, and all input lines and output lines have the protection functions of lightning protection and short circuit protection.

Technical indicators 

Measurement range: 0~20 (range can be set, special range supports customization)
Blind zone: 0.25~0.5m
Ranging accuracy: 0.3%
Ranging resolution: 1mm
Pressure: At 3 atmospheres
Instrument display: built-in LCD display liquid level or space distance
Analog output: 4~20mA four-wire system
Digital output: RS485, Modbus protocol or custom protocol
Power supply voltage: DC24V/AC220V, built-in lightning protection device
Ambient temperature: -20~+60℃
Protection class: IP65

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