• Laboratory Equipments

Laboratory Equipments

When you need to do experiments, you first need a laboratory, and secondly, you also need to arrange the laboratory, the laboratory design into your needs, my company makes laboratory products almost contains the entire laboratory products needed, if you are not quite sure how to design your laboratory, please contact me, tell me your experimental purposes and needs, I come to customize your exclusive laboratory.

Lab products are classified into various categories, including glassware, experimental instruments, experimental desktops, waste disposal instruments, etc.

1、Laboratory glassware includes: 100ml triangular flask, 250ml triangular flask, 50ml beaker, 100ml beaker, 500ml beaker, 10ml measuring cylinder, 50ml measuring cylinder, 100ml measuring cylinder 100ml volumetric flask, 500ml volumetric flask, 1000ml volumetric flask, 1ml graduated pipette, 5ml graduated pipette, 10ml graduated pipette, 10L water bottle, 20L water bottle, test tubes, cover slips, slides, distillation bottles, etc.;

2, laboratory instruments including: universal electric furnace, electronic analytical balance, electric thermostatic water bath, thermostatic oscillator, acidity meter, vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer, muffle furnace, spectrophotometer, iron stand, burette frame, conductivity meter, resistance furnace, incubator, Petri dish, etc.;

3, laboratory liquid reagents including: COD reagent, ammonia nitrogen reagent, total phosphorus reagent, total nitrogen reagent, sodium thiosulfate solution, anhydrous sodium carbonate solution, manganese sulfate solution, zinc acetate solution, potassium iodide solution, ammonium chloride solution, potassium hydrogen phthalate solution, etc.;

4、Laboratory configuration includes: clean bench, corner table, fume hood, medicine cabinet, equipment cabinet, reagent rack, eyewash, ventilation system, drip rack, waste liquid bucket, etc.

OEM&ODM Service

The laboratory instruments provided by Chengdu Huacheng Instruments Co., Ltd. all support customers to provide their own needs to customize the products.

Welcome to consult and customize your own lab, please contact:

TEL:+86 15608190890

Email: Lifanghuacheng@aliyun.com

Laboratory Products

Laboratory Products

Laboratory Products

Measuring Cup


COD Liquid Consumables

Graduated Cylinder

Petri Dish

Ammonia Nitrogen Liquid Consumables


Muffle Furnace

Total Phosphorus Liquid Consumables


Resistance Furnace

Total Nitrogen Liquid Consumables

Test Paper

Water Bath Pot

COD Reagent

Electronic Scale

Nitrogen Blower

Ammonia Nitrogen Reagent


Vacuum Pump


Test Tube Rack



Electronic Balance

Ultra-clean Workbench


wooden Test Tube Rack

Colony Counter


Trapezoidal Pipette Rack






Trapezoidal Pipette Rack

Trapezoidal Pipette Rack

Wooden test tube rack01

Wooden test tube rack

Box type resistance furnace

Box type resistance furnace

Colony Counter

Colony Counter