• Externally attached ultrasonic level meter

    Externally attached ultrasonic level meter

  • Integrated wind speed and direction sensor

    Integrated wind speed and direction sensor

    The integrated wind speed and direction sensor is composed of wind speed sensor and wind direction sensor. The wind speed sensor adopts the traditional three-cup wind speed sensor structure, and the wind cup is made of carbon fiber material with high strength and good start-up; the signal processing unit embedded in the cup can output the corresponding wind speed signal according to the user’s demand, and the wind direction sensor adopts precision potentiometer inside, and chooses low i...

  • Integrated/split type explosion-proof ultrasonic level gauge

    Integrated/split type explosion-proof ultrasonic level gauge

    ● Safety: Die-cast aluminum alloy waterproof and explosion-proof casing; the explosion-proof grade of the instrument reaches Exd(ia)IIBT4; ● Stable and reliable: We choose high-quality modules from the power supply part in circuit design, and select high-stable and reliable devices for the procurement of key components; ● Patented technology: Ultrasonic intelligent technology software can perform intelligent echo analysis without any debugging and other special steps. This technology has the ...

  • CLEAN DO30 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    CLEAN DO30 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    ●Boat-shaped floating design, IP67 waterproof grade. ●Easy operation with 4 keys, comfortable to hold, accurate value measurement with one hand. ●Selectable dissolved oxygen unit: concentration ppm or saturation %. ●Automatic temperature compensation, automatic compensation after salinity/atmospheric pressure input. ●User-replaceable electrode and membrane head kit (CS49303H1L) ●Can carry out throwing water quality measurement (automatic locking function) ●Easy maintenance, the battery and el...

  • Flow Meter Portable Open Channel Flow Meter

    Flow Meter Portable Open Channel Flow Meter

    Product introduction: The working principle of the open channel weir and groove flowmeter is to set a standard water weir groove in the open channel, so that the flow rate of the water flowing through the weir groove is in a single value relationship with the water level, and the water level is measured according to the specified position, and calculated by the corresponding formula. flow. According to the principle, the accuracy of the water flow measured by the flow meter, in addition to th...

  • Wind Direction Sensor Weather Instrument

    Wind Direction Sensor Weather Instrument

    Measurement range:0~360° Accuracy:±3° Staring wind speed:≤0.5m/s Power supply mode:□ DC 5V □ DC 12V □ DC 24V □ Other Out-put:  □ Pulse:Pulse signal □ Current:4~20mA □ Voltage:0~5V □ RS232 □ RS485 □ TTL Level: (□frequency □Pulse width) □ Other Instrument line length:□ Standard:2.5m □ Other Load capacity:Current mode impedance≤300Ω Voltage mode impedance ≥1KΩ Operating environment:Temperature -40℃~50℃ Humidity≤100%RH Defend grade:IP45 Cable grade:Nominal voltage:300V Temper...

  • Ambient Dust Monitoring System

    Ambient Dust Monitoring System

    The system consists of particle monitoring system, noise monitoring system, meteorological monitoring system, video monitoring system, wireless transmission system, power supply system, background data processing system and cloud information monitoring and management platform. The monitoring sub-station integrates various functions such as atmospheric PM2.5, PM10 monitoring, ambient temperature, humidity and wind speed and direction monitoring, noise monitoring, video monitoring and video cap...

  • WGZ-500B, 2B, 3B, 4000B Portable Turbidity Meter

    WGZ-500B, 2B, 3B, 4000B Portable Turbidity Meter

    ● Portable, AC and DC power supply, with low voltage indication and automatic shutdown function. The serial RS232 communication interface can be connected with a micro printer. ● Microcomputer low-power configuration, touch keyboard, LCD screen with backlight, can display date, time, measurement value and measurement unit at the same time. ● Measuring range can be manually selected or automatically switched. The calibration standard value can be set arbitrarily by programming, and 1-7 points ...

  • Portable Multiparameter Transmitter

    Portable Multiparameter Transmitter

    1. One machine is multi-purpose, which can be expanded to use various types of sensors; 2. Plug and play, automatically identify electrodes and parameters, and automatically switch the operation interface; 3. The measurement is accurate, the digital signal replaces the analog signal, and there is no interference; 4. Comfortable operation and ergonomic design; 5. Clear interface and high-resolution LCM design; 6. Easy to operate, with Chinese and English menus.nt is accurate, the digital signa...

  • Microcomputer automatic calorimeter

    Microcomputer automatic calorimeter

    Microcomputer automatic calorimeter is suitable for electric power, coal, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, cement, papermaking, ground can, scientific research institutions and other industrial sectors to measure the calorific value of coal, coke and petroleum and other combustible materials. In line with GB/T213-2008 “Coal thermal determination Method” GB/T384 “Determination of calorific value of petroleum products” JC/T1005-2006 “Cement blac...

  • Multifunctional Automatic Weather Station

    Multifunctional Automatic Weather Station

    Working environment: -40℃~+70℃; Main functions: Provide 10-minute instantaneous value, hourly instantaneous value, daily report, monthly report, annual report; users can customize the data collection time period; Power supply mode: mains or 12v direct current, and optional solar battery and other power supply modes; Communication interface: standard RS232; GPRS/CDMA; Storage capacity: The lower computer stores data cyclically, and the storage time length of the system service software can b...

  • Dust and Noise Monitoring Station

    Dust and Noise Monitoring Station

    The noise and dust monitoring system can carry out continuous automatic monitoring of monitoring points in the dust monitoring area of different sound and environmental functional areas. It is a monitoring device with complete functions. It can automatically monitor data in the case of unattended, and can automatically monitor data through GPRS/CDMA mobile public network and dedicated line. network, etc. to transmit data. It is an all-weather outdoor dust monitoring system developed by itself...

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