• Ultrasonic Sludge Interface Meter

Ultrasonic Sludge Interface Meter

Short Description:

Ultrasonic Sludge Interface Tester supports custom ranges, and can provide products that meet customer requirements and support customization.

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● Continuous measurement, low maintenance

● Ultrasonic high frequency technology, stable and reliable performance

● Chinese and English operation interface, easy to operate

● 4~20mA, relay and other interface outputs, system integrated control

● Automatically adjust the transmit power according to the mud layer

● Advanced digital model operation, anti-interference design


Technical indicators 

Measuring range: 0.5~10m;
Display mode: LED liquid crystal display;
Resolution: 1mm;
Accuracy: ±1.0%FS;
Repeatability: ±1.0%FS;
Power: ≤15W;
Analog output: 4~20mA, load 750Ω;
Switch output: 2 relays, 220VAC/5A;
Power supply: AC220V±10% (standard), 24VDC/15W

Material: 316 stainless steel (standard), PVC;
Cable: shielded cable;
Installation method: input type;
Connection method: ZG1;
Dimensions: φ76*90mm
Medium pressure: ≤10bar;
Signal cable: standard 10m (extendable);
Protection class: IP68;
Medium temperature: sensor: -20~60℃

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