• Do you know what are the features of campus weather monitoring stations?

Do you know what are the features of campus weather monitoring stations?

1234The campus weather monitoring station is a multi-factor automatic observatory developed and produced in accordance with WMO weather observation standards. It can monitor air temperature, air humidity, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, rainfall, light intensity, total radiation and other conventional meteorological elements, and can operate fully automatically and normally in an unattended and harsh environment around the clock. It can form a mesoscale weather monitoring network, with each automatic weather station acting as a sub-station and transmitting data to the central station. And the parameters can be set and read by a flexible mobile APP method, or the data can be read by using a weather element display terminal. It has the functions of automatic recording, exceeding limit and data communication. It is widely used in meteorology, hydrology, agriculture, industry, environmental protection, tourism, scientific research and other fields of urban environment monitoring and other fields.

Technical indicators 

1、With 1 channel ModBus-RTU master station interface can access our 485 transmitters: wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature and moisture, soil ECPH, air temperature and humidity, noise, air quality, atmospheric pressure, light, rain and snow, UV, total radiation, CO, O3, NO2, SO2, H2S, O2, CO2, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, evaporation, negative oxygen ion, NH3, TVOC and other transmitters.
2, external tipping bucket rain gauge, can collect total rainfall, instantaneous rainfall, daily rainfall, current rainfall.
3, optional 2-way relay output, can do remote manual control.
4、1 channel multi-functional GPRS communication interface, only need to insert a card can upload data to the remote monitoring software platform.
5、With 1 channel ModBus-RTU slave interface, which can be connected to user's own monitoring host, PLC, configuration screen or configuration software, and can also be used as an external 192*96 outdoor screen (optional).
6. 1-channel outdoor LED monochrome display with 96*48 dot matrix can be externally connected.
7、A variety of measurement elements can be freely matched.
8, without LED screen display, can be used with solar panels and batteries for field measurement, to solve the problem of power supply.
9、Equipment 8-bit address, easy to manage identification, can be matched with a variety of software platforms provided by our company.

Post time: Oct-18-2022