• Portable gas sampling pump

Portable gas sampling pump

Short Description:

Portable gas sampling pump adopts ABS material, ergonomic design, comfortable to handle, easy to operate, using a large screen dot matrix liquid crystal display. Connect hoses to conduct gas sampling in restricted space, and configure portable gas detector to complete gas detection.

It can be used in tunnel, municipal engineering, chemical industry, metallurgy and other environments where gas sampling is required.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

● Display: Large screen dot matrix liquid crystal display
● Resolution: 128*64
● Language: English and Chinese
● Shell materials: ABS
● Working principle: Diaphragm self-priming
● Flow: 500mL/min
● Pressure: -60kPa
● Noise: <32dB
● working voltage: 3.7V
● Battery capacity: 2500mAh Li battery
● Stand-by time: 30hours(keep pumping open)
● Charging Voltage: DC5V
● Charging Time: 3~5 hours
● Working temperature: -10~50℃
● Working Humidity: 10~95%RH(non-condensing)
● Dimension: 175*64*35(mm) Excluded pipe size, show in Figure 1.
● Weight: 235g

Outline dimension drawing

Figure 1: Outline dimension drawing

The list of standard products is shown in table 1
Table 1: Standard list




Portable gas sampling pump







Operating instructions

Instrument description
The specification of instrument parts is shown in Figure 2 and table 2

Table 2. Parts specification



Parts specification

Figure 2: Parts specification


Display screen


USB charging interface


Up button


Power button


Down button


Air outlet


Air inlet

Connection Description
Portable gas sampling pump is used in conjunction with portable gas detector, uses hosepipe to connect the sampling pump and calibrated cover of gas detector together. Figure 3 is connection schematic diagram.

connection schematic diagram

Figure 3: connection schematic diagram

If the environment to be measured is far away, the hosepipe can be connected at the inlet elbow of the sampling pump.

Starting up
Button description is shown in table 3
Table 3 Button function instruction


Function instruction


Upturn, value  
 starting Long press 3s starting up
Long press 3s enter menu
Short press to confirm operation
Long press 8s instrument restart

Downturn, value  

● Long press button 3s starting up
● Plug charger, automatic starting of instrument

After starting up, the sampling pump is automatically opened, and the default flow rate is the one set last time. As shown in Figure 4:

Main screen

Figure 4: Main screen

On/off pump
In the main screen, short press button, to switch the pump status, on/off pump. Figure 5 shows the pump off status.

Pump off status

Figure 5: Pump off status

Instruction of main menu
In the main screen, long pressstarting to enter main menu show as Figure 6, press ▲or▼to select function, pressstarting to enter the corresponding function.

Main menu

Figure 6: Main menu

Menu function description:
Setting: setting the time of closing the pump on time, language setting ( Chinese and English)
Calibrate: enter calibration procedure
Shut down: instrument shutdown
Back: returns to the main screen

Setting at the main menu, press to enter, setting menu show as Figure 7.

Settings menu instruction:
Timing: the timing setting of closing the pump
Language: Chinese and English options
Back: returns to the main menu

Settings menu

Figure 7: Settings menu

Select timing from the setting menu and press startingbutton to enter. If the timing is not set, it will be displayed as shown in Figure 8:

Timer off

Figure 8: Timer off

Push ▲ button to open timer, push ▲ button again, to increase the time by 10 minutes, and press ▼ button to decrease the time by 10 minutes.

Timer on

Figure 9: Timer on

Press starting button to confirm, will return to the main screen, the main screen is shown in Figure 10, the main screen shows the timing flag, shows the remaining time at the below.

Main screen of setting timer

Figure 10: Main screen of setting timer

When the timing is over, automatically shut down the pump.
If you need to cancel the timing off function, go to the timing menu, and press ▼ button to set the time as 00:00:00 to cancel the timing off.

Enter the language menu, as shown in Figure 11:
Select the language you want to display and press to confirm.

Language setting

Figure 11: Language setting

For example, if you need to switch language to Chinese: select Chinese and press starting to confirm, the screen will be displayed in Chinese.

Calibration need to use a flow meter. Please connect the flow meter to the air inlet of the sampling pump firstly. The connection diagram is shown in Figure. 12. After the connection is completed, perform the following operations for calibration.

Calibration connection diagram

Figure 12: Calibration connection diagram

Select calibration in the main menu and press button to enter calibration procedure. Calibration is two points calibration, the first point is 500mL/min, and the second point is 200mL/min.

The first point 500mL/min calibration
Press ▲ or ▼ button, change the duty cycle of the pump, adjust the flow meter to indicate a flow of 500mL/min. As shown in Figure 13:

Flow adjustment

Figure 13: Flow adjustment

After the adjustment, press starting button to display the storage screen as shown in Figure. 14. Select yes, press starting button to save the setting. If you do not want to save the settings, choose no, press starting to exit calibration.

Storage screen

Figure14: Storage screen

The second point 200mL/min calibration
Then enter the second point of 200mL/min calibration, press ▲ or ▼ button, adjust the flow meter to indicate a flow of 200mL/min, as shown in Figure 15:

Figure 15 Flow adjustment

Figure 15: Flow adjustment

After the adjustment, press starting button to display the storage screen as shown in Figure 16. Select yes, and press starting button to save the settings.

Figure16 Storage screen

Figure16: Storage screen

The calibration completion screen is shown in Figure 17 and then returns to the main screen.

Turn off
Go to the main menu, press ▼ button to select turn off, then press button to turn off.

Figure 17Calibration completion screen

Figure 17: Calibration completion screen


1. Do not use in the environment with high humidity
2. Do not use in the environment with large dust
3. If the instrument is not used for a long time, please charge once every 1 to 2 months.
4. If the battery is removed and reassembled, the device will not be turned on by pressingstarting button. Only by plugging in the charger and activating it, the instrument will turn on normally.
5. If the machine cannot be started or crashed, the instrument will be restarted automatically by long pressing the startingbutton for 8 seconds.

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