• PC-5GF Photovoltaic Environment Monitor

PC-5GF Photovoltaic Environment Monitor

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PC-5GF The photovoltaic environmental monitor is an environmental monitor with a metal explosion-proof casing that is easy to install, has high measurement accuracy, stable performance, and integrates multiple meteorological elements. This product is developed according to the needs of solar energy resource assessment and solar energy system monitoring, combined with the advanced technology of solar energy observation system at home and abroad.

In addition to monitoring the basic elements of the environment such as ambient temperature, ambient humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and air pressure, this product can also monitor the necessary solar radiation (horizontal/inclined plane) and component temperature in the photovoltaic power station environmental system. In particular, a highly stable solar radiation sensor is used, which has perfect cosine characteristics, fast response, zero drift and wide temperature response. It is very suitable for radiation monitoring in the solar industry. The two pyranometers can be rotated at any angle. It meets the optical power budget requirements of the photovoltaic industry and is currently the most suitable leading-level portable photovoltaic environment monitor for use in photovoltaic power plants.

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  1. Protection grade IP67, suitable for long-term outdoor use, aluminum-magnesium alloy housing, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, does not affect the efficiency of the instrument in harsh weather conditions, and can work continuously in thunderstorms, wind and snow environments.
  2. The integrated structure design is beautiful and portable. The collector and the sensor adopt the integrated design concept, and the connection with the observation bracket adopts the plug-in installation mode. There are no moving parts, and the installation and disassembly are simple. It is the most convenient photovoltaic environment monitor so far.
  3. Low power consumption, green and energy-saving design, the interior adopts energy-saving mode design, if the solar panel power supply method is used, it can ensure long-term use in areas without electricity; it can also be powered by mains or car power;
  4. Small in size and light in weight, the overall weight of the core part does not exceed 4KG, which is convenient for users to carry and use the instrument, with high measurement accuracy and reliable stability.
  5. The data collection density can be set flexibly, and the minimum can be set to 1S.
  6. Built-in large-capacity data memory, which can continuously store the whole point data for more than 1 year, and can be expanded to U disk storage according to the needs of observation, realizing unlimited data storage.
  7. It supports a variety of communication methods. It can transmit wired data with the background through standard communication interfaces such as RS232/RS485, and can also add modules such as GPRS or RJ45 for wireless data transmission. The collector supports the standard modbus protocol, and can directly connect to other background servers to upload data.
  8. It can monitor the solar radiation of two different angles at the same time, which makes up for the shortage of portable photovoltaic environmental monitors that can only test the solar radiation of a single angle, and the two pyranometers can adjust the angle arbitrarily to meet the various observations of users. need.
  9. Using advanced monitoring technology, the monitoring of wind speed and direction adopts ultrasonic technology, which not only has high measurement accuracy, stable performance, but also requires no maintenance. the scene.
  10. The height of the ultrasonic sensor probe can prevent rain and snow from being covered. The ultrasonic sensor probe can be heightened according to the selected site conditions (such as sandy and rainy and snowy areas). Prevent the probe from being covered by things such as rain, snow or sand.
  11. The probe heating function is added, which is suitable for severe cold and extreme weather. In order to prevent the probe from being unable to be used normally due to the low temperature in extreme cold weather, the probe heating function is added by monitoring the ambient temperature.
  12. Powerful system management software, the system management software can be run in the system environment above Windows XP, real-time monitoring and display of various data, connected to the printer to automatically print and store data, the data storage format is EXCEL or PDF standard file format, can generate data charts , for other software to call.
  13. It can realize the networked base station layout mode, and can realize the network monitoring of multi-point weather stations. It can meet the data sharing and viewing in the local area network through the sunshine cloud platform, and can also realize remote monitoring in different places through GSM/GPRS/CDMA and other wireless networks.

Professional Wind Tunnel Calibration

The new multi-functional wind tunnel introduced by the Meteorological Wind Tunnel Laboratory is the first high-precision equipment in China that integrates the calibration of breeze anemometers and air volume meters. It solves the technical problems of stability and uniformity in the calibration of breeze speed. The light wind below 1m/s to the strong wind above 30m/s can be accurately calibrated, and the comprehensive technical indicators of the new wind tunnel have reached the domestic advanced level. All PC-GF photovoltaic environmental monitors are calibrated through this wind tunnel before leaving the factory. Only when the calibration is qualified can they leave the factory to ensure that they provide users with better, more reliable and accurate products.


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