• Overall/split 200mm Caliber Stainless Steel Simple Rainfall Meter

Overall/split 200mm Caliber Stainless Steel Simple Rainfall Meter


Product introduction

Rain (snow) meter is an instrument used by meteorological stations and agricultural and forestry units to measure the amount of precipitation and snowfall in the atmosphere.

Product parameters

Measuring diameter: φ200mm

Dimensions: φ205×69mm

Weight: about 4kg

Material: stainless steel barrel

Rain gauge cup measuring range: capacity: 0~800ML, rainfall: 0~250mm

Structure brief

It consists of a cylinder, a water holder and a special measuring cup. The rainwater collected by the water receiver (rain collector) goes directly into the rain gauge cup.


It should be selected in an open and flat place, and there should be no obstacles around it that affect rainfall. Put the measuring cup first, then the water holder. When installing, take care to ensure that the lip of the water receiver remains level.

Precautions for use

1. In the rainy season, it is necessary to observe in time, generally twice a day. When it rains heavily or torrential rain, it is necessary to increase the number of observations and records in time;

2. It should be measured immediately after the rain and the weather is fine to prevent measurement errors caused by evaporation;

3. During use, it should be noted that the bottom of the water receiver is unobstructed to prevent the blockage of debris such as leaves;

4. Keep the water holder and measuring cup clean.

Post time: Jun-10-2022