• Laboratory Supplies: Portable Water Quality Tester and Laboratory Consumables

Laboratory Supplies: Portable Water Quality Tester and Laboratory Consumables

Instrument Introduction:
The water quality detector adopts a touch-sensitive design, which integrates digestion and measurement functions. It has a Chinese and English operation interface, guided system operation, and a compact and portable design to improve the user’s operating experience. Digestion colorimetric integrated tube design, compared with cuvette type measurement, has improved in measurement efficiency and accuracy. The instrument is pre-stored with dozens of index parameter curves such as COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen (according to customer purchases). type), making the whole detection process simple and convenient, and easier for novices to operate. It can be widely used in environmental monitoring, scientific research water quality testing, production discharge monitoring and testing and other fields.
The instrument adopts modular program design, and integrates colorimetric method and electrode method in one machine. Single-index or multi-index detection index modules can be purchased according to user needs, and users can use the instrument at any time in the later use process according to the measurement requirements. Add new measurement indicators.

Instrument Technical Parameters:
1. Display operation: dual LCD color touch screen, Chinese operation interface;
2. Colorimetric method: tubular colorimetric method;
3. The number of digestion: ≤6;
4. Temperature indication error: ≤±1℃;
5. Uniformity of temperature field: ≤2℃;
6. Indication error of digestion time: ≤±2%;
7. Curve parameters: 100 measurement curve parameters can be set;
8. Calibration: 1-7 point calibration mode, automatic calibration curve value;
9. Clock: built-in real-time clock, the monthly cumulative error of the real-time clock is less than 10 seconds;
10. Record storage: 10,000 measurement results can be stored, and the data will not be lost after power failure;
11. Printing: Self-contained printer, print measurement results at any time;
12. Communication mode: USB, the measurement results can be uploaded to the computer, which is convenient for user statistical analysis;
13. Ambient temperature: (5~40) ℃; Ambient humidity: relative humidity < 85% (non-condensing);
14. Charging power supply: AC 220V ±15% / 50Hz;
15. Working power supply: DC 16V lithium battery;
16. Dimensions of the host: 400*300*270mm;
17. Weight: < 10kg.