• Multifunctional Automatic Weather Station

Multifunctional Automatic Weather Station

Short Description:

All-in-one weather station

◆Weather station is used to measure wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, atmospheric pressure, rainfall and other elements.
Has multiple functions such as meteorological monitoring and data uploading.
The observation efficiency is improved and the labor intensity of the observers is reduced.
The system has the characteristics of stable performance, high detection accuracy, unmanned duty, strong anti-interference ability, rich software functions, easy to carry, and strong adaptability.
Support Custom parameters, accessories, etc.

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System Components

System Components

Technical Parameter

Working environment: -40℃~+70℃;
Main functions: Provide 10-minute instantaneous value, hourly instantaneous value, daily report, monthly report, annual report; users can customize the data collection time period;
Power supply mode: mains or 12v direct current, and optional solar battery and other power supply modes;
Communication interface: standard RS232; GPRS/CDMA;
Storage capacity: The lower computer stores data cyclically, and the storage time length of the system service software can be set without a limited period.
The automatic weather station monitoring software is the interface software between the automatic weather station collector and the computer, which can realize the control of the collector; transfer the data in the collector to the computer in real time, display it in the real-time data monitoring window, and write the regulations. It collects data files and transmits data files in real time; it monitors the running status of each sensor and collector in real time; it can also connect with the central station to realize the networking of automatic weather stations.

Instructions for using the data acquisition controller

The data acquisition controller is the core of the whole system, responsible for the collection, processing, storage and transmission of environmental data. It can be connected with a computer, and the data collected by the data acquisition controller can be monitored, analyzed and controlled in real time through the "Meteorological Environment Information Network Monitoring System" software.
The data acquisition controller is composed of the main control board, switching power supply, liquid crystal display, working indicator light and sensor interface, etc.
The structure is shown in the figure:

Multifunctional Automatic Weather Station1

① Power switch
② Charger interface
③ R232 interface
④ 4-pin socket for wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure sensor
⑤ Rain sensor 2-pin socket
1. Firmly connect each sensor cable to each interface on the lower part of the control box;
2. Turn on the power, you can see the content displayed on the LCD;
3. The monitoring software can be run on the computer to observe and analyze data;
4. The system can be unattended after running;
5. It is strictly forbidden to plug and unplug each sensor cable while the system is running, otherwise the system interface will be damaged and cannot be used.



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