• Indoor temperature and humidity sensor

Indoor temperature and humidity sensor

Short Description:

This product uses the 485 MODBUS transmission principle to display, contains a highly integrated temperature and humidity sensor chip, which can measure the temperature and humidity of the scene in time, and an external LCD screen, real-time display of real-time temperature and humidity data in the area. There is no need to display real-time data measured by the sensor through a computer or other devices, unlike previous sensors.

The status indicator on the upper left side is on, and the temperature is displayed at this time;

The status indicator on the lower left side is on, and the humidity is displayed at this time.

Product Detail

Product Tags


◆The real-time temperature and humidity data on site can be displayed after power-on, without the help of computers and other equipment;

◆High-definition LCD display, the data is clearly visible;

◆Automatically switch real-time temperature and humidity data without manual switching and adjustment;

◆The system is stable, there are few external interference factors, and the data is accurate;

◆Small size, easy to carry and fix.

2Scope of application

Widely used in supermarkets, factories, warehouses, office buildings, museums, unit buildings and other indoor spaces.

3Working and storage conditions

Working temperature: -40~85°C

Working humidity: 0~100%RH

Storage temperature: -40~125°C

Storage humidity: <80%RH (no condensation)

Working Principle

The sensor has a 50Hz/60Hz frequency debounce function to achieve stable measurement. The visible light penetrating through the filter irradiates the imported photodiode, and the photodiode is converted into an electrical signal according to the visible light intensity. The electrical signal enters the single-chip system, and the single-chip system compensates the collected photoelectric signal for temperature according to the temperature sensing circuit. The product supports Modbus-RTU protocol format, and provides a variety of analog transmission for users to choose.

Technical Parameter

Power supply voltage: 6V~32V DC

Measuring range:

Temperature: -40~+85℃

Humidity: 0~100% RH

Resolution: 0.01℃

Display resolution: 0.1RH (under minus 10℃, the screen does not display decimals, 485 displays decimals)

Signal output: 485 communication

Communication protocol: MODBUS-RTU

Equipment power consumption: ≤250mW

Protection level: IP55

Power-on response time: 2S

Size and Weight

Dimensions: specifications as shown below

Machine weight: 125g

MODBUS protocol (customizable)

◆Communication method: 485 communication, transmission distance <1000 meters

◆Communication rate:9600,n,8,1

◆Communication protocol: MODBUS-RTU protocol, the factory station number is station 1, can be modified as needed.

The commands of the ModBus protocol include:

Wiring definition

Line color Brown Black Blue Gary
485 Power+ Power- 485A 485B

Preparation and inspection before use


Please read this manual completely before use    

Connect the equipment correctly

Confirm first

Check if the device is the same as the device you purchased

Check whether the appearance of the device is damaged

 Check if the equipment accessories are complete


Failure to wire the wires in sequence may cause damage to the device and the instruments connected to the device

When the input power exceeds the maximum access power of the device, it will cause damage to the device

Failure analysis and elimination

1、Sensor output signal is abnormal

2、No signal output from sensor

◆Check if the power supply voltage is stable

◆Check whether the power supply range is normal

◆Check if the line is virtual connected

◆Check whether the positive and negative poles of the power supply and the ground wire are connected correctly

◆Check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements




This instrument is a scientific and technological product with excellent design and functional principles, and care should be taken for maintenance. The following suggestions will help you use the maintenance service effectively.

Avoid scratching the instrument, maintain the integrity of the external protective film, and increase the service life of the instrument

Please fix the connection parts firmly when using the instrument to avoid damage to the instrument

Rough treatment of the instrument will destroy the internal circuit board and precise structure

Do not paint the instrument with paint, smearing will block debris in the detachable parts and affect the normal operation

Use clean, dry soft cloth to clean the outside of the instrument

Check the power supply of other equipment regularly to ensure that the instrument works normally







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